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It is our belief that the most accurate measure of our ability is in our clients' statements, where the professionalism, diligence, and low profile maintained by our staff is well supported. We have listed true statements from a number of EMS clients to verify to you, our prospective client, our success.

"At first I was skeptical about hiring an 'outsider', my apprehensions were quickly put to rest after seeing how knowledgeable EMS Tax Services was in the sales tax area."
Jeffrey Messier - BIW Cable Systems

"EMS Tax Services was not only successful in obtaining significant refunds from both the state tax authorities or vendors to whom Clariant had over paid tax, but also conducted their work in an extremely professional and efficient manner."
Russ Panetta - Clariant Corporation (former Sandoz Chemicals)

"In the midst of an audit, Boundless engaged EMS Tax Services to provide both audit support and an overpayment review...we saw no need for a second review, having just had a reputable firm in, however, due to the audit and EMS' offer to be a "second set of eyes" on a contingency basis, we thought 'What have we go to loose?' As it turned out, we had a lot to gain; the first firm found only minimal savings, the review EMS performed identified many areas the other consulting firm overlooked."
Virginia Saneski - Boundless Technologies

EMS Tax Services, Inc. has worked with a large variety of clients ranging in all sizes and all industries. Below you will find a brief sampling of a number of our clients that show: No matter what your business, where you are located, or how unique your company needs may be, EMS Tax Services, Inc. can and will help.

     Bi-Lo, Inc.

     The Moore Company

     Clariant Corporation

     Penton Media, Inc.

     Computer Associates

     Standard Microsystems

     Freedom Newspapers

     US Holdings


     Ventura Foods

We encourage you to speak with our clients. Ask them about our ability to deliver a quality service with lasting benefits. Also, ask them about the intensity and professionalism exhibited by our seasoned staff. Finally, ask yourself if your company could benefit from the distinct competitive advantages offered by EMS. We look forward to adding your comments to those of our growing number of satisfied clients.