Underpayment Review Analysis Program

Wouldn't it be nice to know what a state audit could assess your company for without having the state perform the audit? The underpayment of sales, use and miscellaneous taxes are what lead to large assessments due on state and local audits. EMS' underpayment review program allows you to take the steps necessary to prevent unexpected assessments.

An underpayment review analysis allows for EMS Tax Services to locate and communicate this area of exposure to you, our client, thus allowing for you to remedy and minimize this exposure. EMS will thoroughly review, in detail, all areas of both expense items and fixed asset purchases; with this review we are also able to form a projection of underpaid sales and use tax, thus identify your company's exposure and potential assessment. EMS will consult with you, the client, to determine the best resolution of these findings, thus allowing you to be at ease regarding potential future audits.

Please contact EMS Tax Services, Inc. to discuss our hourly fee to perform this service in greater detail or to learn more of how our underpayment review analysis can greatly benefit your company.

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