General Consulting Services

EMS Tax Services, Inc. also offers a number of other services in addition to our larger scaled reviews. Here at EMS we understand that even the best-run accounting departments cannot take on all special projects and opportunities that arise. Our team can serve as an extension to your own staff, assist with a particular project or completely handle certain functions.

A few samples of the consulting services that EMS provides are:

     Nexus Studies: Nexus issues can create serious tax liabilities; companies miss the opportunity to collect tax from customers and eliminate their own burden. EMS Tax Services analyzes your multi-state activity and contact with each state to see if it substantiates nexus. We quantify and minimize the potential tax exposure and save your company the time utilized to fulfill tax requirements not necessary for the states in which your company does not have nexus.

     Tax Planning and Research / Tax Help Desk: This allows for you, our client, to contact EMS Tax Services with current or upcoming issues and have our tax experts research the taxability of these issues in the state(s) that your company conducts business. The research we offer allows you to make an informed decision regarding tax payment procedures, future expansion and tax liability regarding specific issues. This allows clients to utilize our knowledge when needed for answers to brief, specific questions. Clients are encouraged to contact EMS Tax Services with any questions in order to eliminate possible exposure, overpayment or underpayment of sales, use or miscellaneous taxes.

EMS Tax Services, Inc. generally offers these services on an hourly basis, but please feel free to contact EMS should you have any questions or would like to learn more details of our general tax consulting options.

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