Accounts Payable Overpayment Review Analysis Program

EMS Tax Services, Inc. thoroughly reviews all accounts payable records on both the expense and capital side to identify opportunities for claiming sales, use and miscellaneous tax refunds from both vendors and states. EMS Tax Services prides ourselves on performing a thorough review of all records, not just a sampling, for all available years within the statute of limitations.

Types of transactions reviewed by EMS Tax Services, Inc.:

     Fixed Assets / Capital Projects
     Expense Items
     Use Tax Accruals
     Utility Payments

In addition, to the attention to detail that EMS provides, we perform our review with little interruption of your company's daily routine.

Upon completion of the review, EMS Tax Services provides your company with the information and knowledge necessary to correct the overpayment issues in addition to obtaining a refund for the overpayment.

EMS Tax Services, Inc. is so confident that we can save you money that we perform our Overpayment Review on a contingency fee basis guaranteeing you will pay us nothing unless, and until, we save you money. EMS Tax Services strongly believes that our review is more detailed than other firms and that should you want EMS to perform a review as a "second set of eyes" after another company has recently performed a review, this too is performed on a contingency fee basis, again with you owing nothing unless EMS is able to save you money. Please feel free to contact us to obtain more detailed information regarding our overpayment review program.

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