Accounts Payable Audit Program

Accounts payable records represent a veritable gold mine for recovering lost profits. Within your invoices, purchase orders, receiving documents and correspondence files are small hidden amounts of overpayments and under deductions that are just waiting to be discovered and all add up rapidly. Our sole focus is identifying, documenting and recovering these amounts for our clients. We do more than just recoveries though; we help our clients enhance their internal controls so that they will decrease or omit errors in the future.

These 'lost profits' can be found in any number of industries:







These recoveries can be obtained in any number of ways:

     Omitted cash discounts

     Duplicate or erroneous payments

     Discounts taken at incorrect dates

     Shortages / Non-deliveries

     Price discrepancies

     Extension errors

We are so committed to recovering money for your company that we work on a contingency fee basis. This is so that there will be no out of pocket expense for you, our client. Please contact us so that we may give you in greater detail more information regarding these services.

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